Providing innovative opportunities for partnership, scholarship, and mentorship. 

Co-founded by first-generation students of Dr. A. Jean Ayres, Collaborative for Leadership in Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI) is committed to following her tradition of excellence and research in practice. CLASI offers educational programs online and in more than a dozen countries around the world. Course materials are derived from Ayres’ original publications and subsequent research in basic and applied science related to sensation and the impact on human function.

CLASI is a member of the International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICEASI) which provides global standards for education in ASI. For more information on ICEASI membership and ICEASI training program approval, please click here.

Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration

With many decades of experience in continuing education in ASI, the leaders at CLASI have developed the Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration (CASI) with an emphasis on optimal learning methods for the various types of content. The result is a hybrid program which provides the convenience of self-paced, online learning with onsite learning for hands-on concepts that are enhanced through mentored experiences and feedback.

Customized workshops

CLASI works with individuals, organizations and communities to provide learning experiences that are individually tailored to the sites’ needs and interests. Internationally recognized instructors partner with CLASI to develop and implement a variety of trainings on topics such as the Ayres Sensory Integration® Fidelity Measure™, ASI and Autism, Clinical Reasoning in ASI, Application of ASI in Schools, Designing Classrooms to Support Engaged Attention and Learning, SIPT Boot Camp, as well as other topics of interest identified by the sites.

Consultation and Mentorship

CLASI partners are available to clinical practices, businesses, organizations and individuals for consultation on a variety of topics and concerns, including program development, case analysis, improving business practices to support sensory integration needs, etc.

Online Training and Support

CLASI plans to develop and offer a variety of training programs with certificates of completion that will be web-based. Modules in ASI for diverse audiences such as teachers, salespeople, childcare providers, parents, and customer support staff are under development.

Our Mission

CLASI provides innovative and customized partnership, scholarship, and mentorship opportunities for mastering, applying, and advancing knowledge in Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI) theory and practice in order to:

1.     Support and Develop Leaders

2.     Promote Knowledge Development

3.     Disseminate Evidence-Based Information 

4.     Facilitate Learning and Skills

CLASI is a member of the International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICE-ASI), which provides global standards for education in ASI.

Our Logo 

Screenshot 2018-01-23 21.38.28.png

This original painting of a magnolia blossom by Dr. A. Jean Ayres serves as the inspiration for the CLASI logo. The image is meant to celebrate growth and networks, both strong elements of CLASI. In addition, the notation that "magnolias stand for stability and grace through the ever-changing ages" represents Dr. Ayres and her visionary work.